About Us

At AMA we work as a team to innovate, shape and create the built environment. Based in London our civil and structural engineering services have been provided nationally for over 20 years.

Our team is diverse, experienced, and highly qualified in order to undertake a broad range of services within the construction industry. For our clients this means we are able to draw information from many different areas to provide solutions for all types of projects, and senior decision-making personnel at AMA are always on hand throughout the project lifecycle. 

The backbone to intelligent design is conveying it effectively and efficiently to clients. We use the latest computer analysis and drawing software to optimise and visualise the solution.

Our aim is to constantly evolve and build on the successes of the past whilst collaborating with the leading contributors of the construction industry.

AMA Consulting Engineers is a trading name of C and R Design LTD

Registered in England No. 5800563


Christos Christou

Director & Senior Structural Engineer

Abdullahi Ateiza

Structural Engineer

Filip Jankowski

Structural Engineering Technician

Richard Russell

Director & Senior Structural Engineer

Adam Lebaigue

Senior Structural Engineer

Teresa Surma

Structural Engineering Technician

Nick Kramer

Technical Director & Senior Structural Engineer

John Lambrou

Structural Engineering Technician

Alan McEwan

Civil & Structural Engineering Consultant and Founder

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AMA Consulting Engineers​  |  3 Marconi Place, London N11 1PE  |  T: +44 (0)20 8361 6827​  |  E: ama@amacl.co.uk